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Year 4

Kilvrough 2017 - Day Two

Another lovely day on the Gower for the Kilvrough Crew, warm (but not too hot) and dry.

The climbing and abseiling groups had successes all round.  The children were great at belaying each other, really concentrating on this important job and encouraging everyone in their team.

Meanwhile, the canoeing groups were just as successful, having fun paddling along the canal in the warm sunshine.  After discovering how to go forwards, backwards and turn their canoes, everyone set off on a little journey along the canal and back.

Almost all the canoeing staff managed to stay dry.  It was just Miss Timms who had trouble with keeping her balance during a round of ‘head, shoulders, knees and jump’! 

Lots of the children took the ‘opportunity’ to jump into the canal at the end of the day.

Dinner was very tasty spaghetti Bolognese, with chocolate sponge and custard for pudding.  After a scavenger hunt in the centre grounds this evening, followed by postcard writing and a bedtime story, the children settled down for a good night’s sleep before another day of adventures tomorrow.  Those who canoed today will be climbing and abseiling tomorrow, whilst today’s climbers will be canoeing.

On Thursday evening we will all be busy packing and the children will be able to spend their pocket money in the Kilvrough shop and it is unlikely that we will have time to update our news.  On Friday we will all be exploring the coast and spending some time on the beach, which is always exciting when you live in landlocked Oxfordshire.

We should arrive back at school around 7.00pm on Friday, but will send a text message via Parentmail when we are 30-45 minutes away, to give you a better idea of our likely arrival time.

From all the Kilvrough Crew 2017.

Kilvrough 2017 - Day One

10.00pm and all is quiet.  All the children are asleep after the first day of our adventure.  Somewhat later than planned, but then the children did all seem to have a surfeit of energy today!

Our journey here passed with no travel sickness (a real plus) and everyone very excited and looking forward to the day ahead.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to sit outside at picnic benches during our stop at the motorway services and enjoy a drink and a biscuit in the sunshine.

Kilvrough Manor is a very impressive house to call our home for the week.  It’s a bit of a rambling place, but true to form, the children found their way round really quickly and are now experts in house navigation.

Bed-making is often entertaining, but the children did really well, needing very little help.  Thank you for all your help with training!

After a lunch of sandwiches, crisps and fruit, it was outside for some problem-solving in the grounds of the centre.  The children rose brilliantly to the challenges, working well together and encouraging each other.

Dinner of fish fingers, chips and baked beans was eaten eagerly, with no fussy eaters and healthy appetites all round.

This evening we all walked down to the coast, exploring Penard Castle and looking out over Three Cliffs Bay, which is an iconic Gower vista.  Back home for a bedtime story (Diary of a Killer Cat, by Anne Fine) and into bed.  The children settled down really quickly and are sleeping well, so all bodes well for a great day tomorrow, when Mrs Atkinson’s, Mr Scott’s and Miss Timms’ groups will all be canoeing, whilst Mrs Reaney’s and Mrs Bloice-Smith’s groups will be climbing and abseiling.

Quote of the day:

On the coach: ‘Ooh, I really fancy a Nando’s now.’

More news of our adventures to follow.

From the Kilvrough Crew 2017

Welcome to Year 4

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