St Swithun's CE Primary SchoolGrundy Crescent, Kennington, Oxford OX1 5PS

Headteacher's Welcome

My name is Helen Atkinson and it is my privilege to be headteacher of St Swithun’s CE Primary School. St Swithun’s is an exciting and inspiring place. Our success stems from our relentless focus on high standards and our drive to put memorable and successful learning experiences at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud of the reputation St Swithun’s has as a warm, welcoming, ‘family’ school. We cultivate and nurture attitudes of support, courtesy, consideration and respect in all our activities and relationships, for all our children. Equally important is learning. We set ourselves the very highest standards and believe strongly in the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

Our high academic standards are only part of our story. Our dynamic teaching and aspirational ethos ignite in our children a lifelong zest for learning, build healthy self-esteem and a strong determination to succeed. Our exciting and creative skills-based curriculum provides countless opportunities to enable children to develop important life skills such as teamwork, problem solving and resilience. In short, we want our children to be effective learners – to ‘learn how to learn’.

We have a strong team of talented, experienced, dedicated and caring staff at St Swithun’s. Together we foster a calm, purposeful, hard-working atmosphere. We continually encourage our children to explore, invent and create. By steering their natural curiosity, our children are confident, bold and prepared to be challenged. We have high expectations of all our children and set challenging targets for them. Our children are motivated to succeed: to be the very best that they can be.

The arts also play a key role in giving every child at our school a vital channel for self-expression, and we provide a wealth of opportunities for children to discover, explore and extend their natural talents.

Children have just one childhood; we believe that their primary school experience should be magical and wondrous, filled with inspirational and memorable learning experiences. At St Swithun’s, we know it is both our duty and our privilege to help children delight in their precious childhood years, develop as lifelong learners and achieve their potential in all areas of the curriculum, building a firm foundation for the rest of their lives.