St Swithun's CE Primary SchoolGrundy Crescent, Kennington, Oxford OX1 5PS

Gifted and Talented

We are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of gifted and talented learners are met throughout the school. During the year we provide our gifted and talented children with opportunities to develop, extend and challenge their abilities and interests to the full.

The school monitors identified children and looks for gifts and talents in all our learners including:

  • Physical talent in sport
  • Ability rather than just achievement, so that under achievers are amongst those identified
  • Leadership and social awareness
  • High intelligence – e.g. exceptional mathematical ability

There are several ways by which we identify pupils including:

  • Teacher nominations
  • Testing – attainment, ability and potential
  • Assessment of students' work
  • Information from parents

Please see our Gifted and Talented Policy along with other useful links:
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